We have been exporting grapes over the past 20 years; In fact we started exporting our produce to South Africa in 1997,and England in 1999 later we expanded our activities of exports to both East and West African markets, in addition to the European markets. Check our range of high quality grapes.


Red Seedless variety, starts mid May through the first week of July


White Seedless variety , and it starts end of May through first week of July.


Red Seedless variety, known for its crispy refreshing crunch and sweet flavour, its season starts first week of July and continues to the end of September.

Red Globe

Red ( Seeded variety ), season starts first week of July and continues to end of August.

Autumn Royal

Black seedless Autumn Royal , available also from June to July.

Packaging & Specs

Packaging, we pack both 4.5 kg net cartons, were grapes are pre-packed in poly bags And also pack 10 x 500 grams punnets.In a 40 ft reefer we load 3600 cartons x 4.5 kg and load 2400 cartons ( 10 x 500 grams ) punnets.

specification: brix minimum 16, and berry sizes from 16 mm to 20 mm, while for SugraOne seedless we pack from 15 mm to 22 mm, Red Globe berry size starts from 24 mm to 28 mm.


Premium: Environment friendly (Biodegradable) packaging available upon request. Highly Recommended


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