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Berries in general are very delicate, that's why our Strawberries gets a special treatment to ensure premium quality like no other and a long shelf life, this special treatment allows us to send strawberries to both long and short distances,furthermore they're rich in color, tasty, and fleshy. season starts first week of December through March. Check our historical Gallery for more than 20 years old pictures of our special produce


Especially tasty Strawberries.


  • Availability: Starts first week of January through June
  • Berry Sizes: medium & large

Our Sorting
Blemishes free
Defects free
Strong and firm


Packaging & Specs

Packaging: pack 2.5kg net cartons, were Berries are pre-packed in 10 x 250grams punnets.In a 40 ft reefer we load 2400 cartons ( 10 x 250grams ) punnets.

Special packaging available upon request for Events and Feasts.

Berries Specification:


All cartons used are 100% recyclable